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Unfortunately, the world of divorce can be quite one-sided, resulting in one party that is unfairly affected in an economic sense, typically the case with single-earner households. In many cases of marital dissolution, one person is granted spousal support, sometimes called “alimony,” to buffer the financial damage from the divorce. Since there are very few legally defined guidelines for spousal support, these kinds of resolutions are typically reached through legal intervention and mediation.

Whether you are considering filing for divorce, or have already begun the process, it is crucial to get in touch with an Oakland County spousal support attorney as soon as possible. At The Law Office of Michael E. Thomas, PLLC, you can trust our entire team to have the experience and skill to powerfully support a claim of financial fairness on your behalf. During these challenging times, having a dedicated legal advocate can make all the difference.

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Different Types of Spousal Support in Michigan

Many people are unaware that there are actually multiple kinds of opportunities for spousal support or alimony in the state of Michigan. In the case that a former spouse needs a single amount all at once, the judge might direct one of the parties to give a “lump-sum” arrangement for spousal support. However, in other circumstances, alimony might be divided into yearly or monthly installments to be paid over a period of time. On account of this, this series of installments is known as “periodic” alimony, and it is much more common than the unique case of lump-sum spousal support.

Regarding the length of spousal support, it is dependent on whether the circumstances deem alimony as rehabilitative or permanent. If the spousal support is only rehabilitative, this means the financial support is temporarily being advised by the court just to aid the recipient until they become more self-sufficient.

Spousal Support Factors

Before designating any form of support to a spouse, the court will consider several factors to determine the length of time needed for support, as well as the exact amount of support to be given.

Some of the primary attributes which a judge will consider include:

  • Both individuals’ age
  • The spouses’ current educational levels and any professional licenses or certificates
  • The number of years that the couple had been married
  • The current income and salary of each individual, as well as their ability or opportunity to work
  • The health of each party
  • Any case of fault that had occurred within the marriage, such as domestic violence or abuse

Dedicated Support in Difficult Circumstances

Many different factors come into play when considering alimony payments, regarding specific amounts and length of support. Typically, things like the couple’s standard of living, the length of the marriage, and the mental, emotional, and physical condition of each spouse are looked at, to come to a reasonable spousal support arrangement. Due to the complexity of all the aspects involved, having a qualified Oakland County spousal support lawyer is key in making the process smooth and beneficial for all involved. Here at The Law Office of Michael E. Thomas, PLLC, we understand that spousal support in Oakland County is a critical element in moving on after a divorce, and we are here to represent you.

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