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Every divorce case has its challenges, even if the two parties can come to a mutual agreement that the separation must take place. This becomes exponentially stressful, however, when the support of children is involved, since both parents want to protect their relationship with their child but might not agree with the same terms of how to do so. With emotions at high levels, it becomes more important than ever to have an Oakland County child support attorney at your side.

Whether you are seeking to ensure that a child support agreement that had been previously arranged actually gets carried out, or if your circumstances have changed and you need help in modifying your current support needs, our attorney at The Law Office of Michael E. Thomas, PLLC is prepared to aid you in providing for your child’s best interests now and in the future.

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Child Support Determination Factors in Michigan

In Michigan, the court works with a formula based on a number of key factors to determine the exact amount that each parent will contribute to caring for a child’s needs.

Some of the primary aspects which contribute to determining these calculations of support include:

  • The income of each parent, including wages, bonuses, overtime pay, and commissions
  • The time that each parent is able to spend with the children
  • The potential costs estimated for the childcare of young children when parents are working
  • The costs of health care and insurance
  • The number of children who are being supported by each parent
  • The cost of rent or house mortgage
  • Potential benefits received by each parent for disability, social security, unemployment, and workers’ compensation

Understanding Felony Charges for Unpaid Child Support in MI

Failure to pay child support in Michigan can be a felony if the deficit reaches $5,000 or more. This is a Class H felony, which carries a maximum penalty of 4 years in prison and/or a fine of $2,000. In addition, the Michigan Attorney General or the local county prosecutor's office may file charges against a parent who fails to pay child support.

There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, a parent may not be charged with a felony if they cannot pay child support due to a disability or other extenuating circumstances. Additionally, a parent may be eligible for a payment plan if they cannot pay the total amount of their arrears.

If you are facing charges for failure to pay child support, it is crucial to speak with our child support attorney as soon as possible. Our child support attorney in Farmington Hills can help you understand your rights and options and can represent you in court.

Strategies for Enforcing Child Support in Michigan

No matter the amount of physical parental involvement, the court expects both parents to contribute to the financial well-being of their children. This means that if one person is refusing to contribute, the court may need to utilize enforcement strategies to ensure that this party is financially supporting the dependent children.

Some examples of enforcement methods used by the court could include:

  • Taking out a weekly income from the individual’s wages
  • Setting up a lien on the personal property of the parent
  • Revoking or suspending that party’s driving license until they begin contributing
  • Sending reports of child support debts to credit bureaus, damaging the individual’s credit score

Advocating for Your Child's Financial Security in Farmington Hills

If your ex-partner is refusing to give the proper financial support that you and your family need, as designated by the agreement you made at the divorce, you should immediately get our attorney involved to aid your cause.

Alternatively, if you are a parent whose circumstances have dramatically changed to the point that you cannot afford to currently offer the same amount of income as before, whether on account of losing your job or because you have unexpected health care needs, we can make appropriate modifications in a way that continues to provide for your family while taking your altered circumstances into account.

Our Oakland County child support lawyer is ready to take the most aggressive approach necessary to ensure that your children’s needs are taken care of now and in the future.

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